Precious Metals 101: Buy the Spot Price Deals

As an incentive to new customers, some online dealers offer spot price deals to new customers as motivation to make a purchase. By combining all of the available spot price offers, it’s possible for an investors to build a small precious metals portfolio that contains roughly a kilogram of silver and 1 oz and 11 grams of gold.

Silver at Spot Price Deals

Silver at spot price deals are available to new customers. Each dealer has typical restrictions that allow only one offer per household. These offers are low risk path to invest in silver. Some offers include free shipping, some don’t. It’s important to check the fine print on each dealers’ website for the exact terms and conditions, since these can change at anytime. Many online dealers today have a minimum order amount to qualify for free shipping. Some of the offers meet the threshold and qualify, but some do not.

GoldClub Direct: 10 oz Silver Bar at Spot Price

GoldClub Direct offers new customers a random mint 10 oz Silver Bar at spot price. These are typically generic silver bars or secondary market silver bars. Buying a 10 silver bar at spot price also qualifies for free shipping.

Silver Gold Bull: Custom-Designed 10 oz Silver Bar

Famous for the custom minted 10 oz silver bar at spot price deal. While Silver Gold Bull is based in Canada, all of their orders ship from vaults in the Las Vegas area. With the recent silver prices, these 10 oz bars qualify for free shipping.

Monument Metals: Monument Starter Pack

Monument Metals offers a Monument Starter Pack that is hard to resist for new investors. This pack includes five 1 oz Buffalo Silver Rounds at spot price.

Monument Metals is a family-owned business in Maryland that began selling to the general public in 2014. The firm’s owners are veterans of the numismatic and bullion business, with nearly three decades of combined industry experience.

What’s in the Starter Pack?

The Monument Starter Pack includes:

  • 5 Silver Rounds at spot price.
  • Free shipping on orders over $199.

SD Bullion: 5 oz Silver at Spot Price

A 5 oz silver bar at spot price is available from SD Bullion. Founded in Michigan in 2012, SD Bullion has built a reputation for consistent pricing.

What’s included?

The SD Bullion deal includes:

  • Five ounces of .999 silver at spot price.
  • Order will be fulfilled with five troy ounces of silver.
  • Can be a mix of rounds or a 5 oz bar.
  • Free shipping on orders over $199.

JM Bullion: 10 oz Silver Starter Pack

The JM Bullion Starter Pack has been around for many years. The kit includes ten 1 oz Silver Rounds at spot price. The styles of rounds often change, but they will be new silver rounds from a trusted American mint.

What’s in the JM Bullion Starter Pack?

  • Ships in plastic tube, inside of a custom velvet pouch
  • Each tube contains ten 1 oz .999 silver rounds
  • All orders include tracking and insurance
  • 10 oz at spot offer limited to one per household.

Bullion Exchanges: Multiple at Spot Price Offers

Bullion Exchanges currently has multiple silver at spot price offers. These inlude:

These offers from Bullion Exchanges are sometimes out of stock. If that happens, check back several days later to see if the offer you’re looking for is available.

Gold at Spot Price Deals

In addition to the silver offers above, some dealers offer gold at spot price as well. These deals carry the same types of restrictions as the other offers, but are an opportunity for those interesting in buying gold to start a small precious metals portfolio while saving on dealer premiums.

All of these deals are a good way for beginning investors to get their hands on physical precious metals. By combining all of these offers, you will have a diverse precious metals portfolio that contains a combination of investment-grade silver bars, silver rounds and silver coins, along with a variety of 24k gold bars.

SD Bulion: 10 gram Gold Bar at Spot Price

The Doc at SD Bullion has an offer for a 10 gram Gold Bar at Spot Price. The bar is minted by Argor-Heraeus and incorporates their Kinebar hologram innovation that is almost impossible to counterfeit.

JM Bullion: 1 oz Gold Starter Pack

The JM Bullion Gold Starter Pack allows investors to buy a 1 oz gold bar at spot price.

APMEX: 1 gram Gold Bar at Spot Price

Available to new customer in the APMEX app, you can get a 1 gram gold bar at spot price. Simply install the APMEX app on your phone, create a new account and add the bar to your cart.

Understanding Promotional Terms

Many of these deals come with specific terms and conditions you should be aware of:

  • Quantity Limits: Offers are often limited to a certain number of items per household.
  • New Customer Restrictions: Some deals are reserved for first-time buyers to attract new clients.
  • Shipping and Insurance: Free shipping is typically available with minimum purchase amount

Reading the Fine Print

Each dealer has specific terms and condition for each offer. Be sure to read thoroughly and understand any terms and conditions applicable to promotional deals. This ensures there are no surprises down the road.

General Advantages of Spot Price Deals

Opting for silver at spot price deals comes with several inherent benefits:

  • Lower Entry Barriers: Reduced premiums make it easier to start investing.
  • Increased Value for Money: More silver for your dollar increases the value of your investment.
  • Freedom from High-Markup Products: Avoid high-markup silver products commonly sold at retail prices.

Building a Strong Portfolio

Focus on purchasing silver products with low premiums to build a robust and cost-effective portfolio. This strategy not only maximizes your asset base but also positions you well for future market fluctuations.

Final Thoughts: Making Smart Investment Choices

Starting your investment journey in the world of precious metals doesn’t have to be daunting or expensive. By exploring and taking advantage of various silver at spot price deals, you can make savvy investment choices without overspending. Whether you’re interested in coins, rounds, or bars, these introductory offers provide a welcoming gateway into the realm of silver investing.

So, why not take the first step today? Assess your budget, explore these brilliant deals, and start stacking silver. Each piece you add to your collection not only broadens your investment portfolio but also secures a tangible asset you can hold with pride. Best of luck on your silver investment journey!

2023 Black Friday Bullion Deals

Black Friday Bullion Deals from online dealers is an annual tradition where retailers provide significant discounts to kickstart the holiday shopping season. Many of the leading online bullion retailers participate by offering discounts and deals on various precious metals items. This typically include offers for both investors and collectors.

In previous years, APMEX has offered a variety of doorbuster deals, offering discounted premiums, including any quantity pricing along with several spot price deals.

Pre-Black Friday Bullion Deals

The end of year is the perfect time to stack extra precious metals as a way to set aside some funds and be prepared next year and several dealers are already showing price drops for the upcoming Black Friday week sales.

SD Bullion

SD Bullion has begun their pre-Black Friday sale, with a deal for Silver Kilo Bars on sale for as low as 79 cents over spot per ounce in quantity. For individual bars, the premium is around $1.39 per ounce, by far the lowest available premiums for silver kilos.

For gold buyers, SD Bullion has a special offer on Johnson Matthey 1 oz Gold Bars. The premium for the first bar is just $9.99 over spot, with additional bars available at the discounted premium of $29.99.

Bullion Exchanges

Bullion Exchanges is showing prices as low as $0.70 Over Spot per oz on Italpreziosi 100 oz Silver Bars. These bars are also offered at a discounted premium through the Bullion Exchanges eBay store, which includes all credit card and PayPal fees and may be eligible for rewards points, cashback and other offers. They are also offering similar pricing on Germania Mint 100 oz Cast Silver Bars.

Bullion Exchanges has posted offers across all price points. From 5 oz Silver Bars from the Argentia Mint, to discounts on monster boxes and tubes of American Silver Eagle coins.

A variety of gold bars are on sale, ranging from as small as 5 grams to multipacks of 1 gram bars and 1 oz gold bars.

For those looking for lowest premiums should check out the variety of 100 ounce silver options available at Bullion Exchanges. These include lots of twenty 5 oz silver bars, lots of ten 10 oz silver bars, various bundles of 100 oz in silver rounds. If you’re looking to make an even larger investment, Monster Boxes with 500 oz of 1 oz silver rounds are also available.

Check out the Bullion Exchanges Black Friday Deals page for more details.

Monument Metals

Monument Metals has announced a special deal on Nadir Refinery 10 oz Silver Bars. Purchase two 10 oz silver bars and receive the second at spot price! They have created a special page on their website that includes the discounted pricing.

Be sure to check out the Monument Metals Deals page for more Cyber Week offers.

Scottsdale Mint

The Scottsdale Mint has announced a variety of discount offers. Deals are available on Scottsdale Stacker Bars, 1 oz silver rounds, 2 oz silver coins, fractional gold bars and more. Check out the deals page on their website for more information.

Silver At Spot Price Deals

This year, numerous dealers are expected to offer silver at spot deals with limited quantities available.


APMEX has announced a variety of offers to start on Black Friday and continue through Cyber Week. These will include several deals at spot price and site-wide “any quantity” pricing, which is typically reserved for bulk quantity orders.

They are offering an addition 10% back in rewards for holders of the APMEX Bullion Card Visa Card.

APMEX is offering Poured Kilo Silver bars at spot price! You can also download the APMEX App from the deals page to get early access to APMEX Black Friday deals.

SD Bullion

The Doc has added additional offers to the early Black Friday Sale. The best deal so far, is the silver at spot price deal on their 10th Anniversary 1 oz Silver Rounds.

SD Bullion Adds Buy Gold at Spot Offer for New Investors

Online bullion retailer SD Bullion has recently launched a offer for new gold investors.

Like their silver at spot price offer, the offer to buy gold at spot price is limited to new customers.

First time customers can buy an Argor-Heraeus 10 gram Gold Bar at spot price which includes insurance and shipping. More details can also be found on the SD Bullion offer page.

Check out our at spot price deals page for more information and the growing list of spot price deals from other online retailers.

Argor-Heraeus SA is based in Switzerland as is part of the Heraeus Group and is is one of the world’s largest refiners of gold bars and other precious metals.

1 oz Gold Bar at Spot Price

Interest in precious metals continues to spread far and wide as the turmoil in the economy begins to take hold. New investors often have a lot of uncertainty when first learning about precious metals and dealer premiums can raise questions for some.

Many new investors discovered precious metals through spot price deals that were once promoted by numerous dealers prior to the start of the pandemic. Those offers allowed precious metals buyers the chance to buy silver with no dealer markup.

Mining shutdowns, supply chain issue and strong investor demand for silver put an temporary end to those offers until recently.

SD Bullion was the first online bullion dealer to return with a silver at spot price deal earlier this year. New investors can buy one 5 oz silver bar at spot price.

JM Bullion has recently returned with a special offer for those interested in gold.

The Gold Starter Kit from JM Bullion is now available and offers new investors the opportunity to buy a 1 oz gold bar at spot price.

Gold is long considered one of the best investment options when looking for a long term store of value to be a hedge against inflation.

Owning physical gold and silver are one of the few asset options that has no counter-party risk.