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5 Gram Arabian Horse Gold Bar from PAMP Suisse

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Melt Value: 5 Gram Arabian Horse Gold Bar from PAMP Suisse

This gold bar contains 0.161 troy ounces of bullion. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one 5 Gram Arabian Horse Gold Bar from PAMP Suisse is $328.15 based on today's gold spot price.

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5 Gram Arabian Horse Gold Bar from PAMP Suisse

New from PAMP Suisse, these 5 gram gold bars are issued to showcase the Arabian Horse. The horses of Arabian have been highly valued by Bedouin tribes for centuries.

Originating on the Arabian Peninsula, these horses have played a significant role in improving other horse breeds by imparting qualities like speed, endurance, and strong bone structure on the Thoroughbred.

Renowned for their incredible endurance and stamina, these horses are capable of traveling long distances over harsh terrain, a trait that was essential for survival in the desert environment of their origins.

PAMP Suisse celebrates these magnificent animals with these new 5 gram gold bars. The obverse features a stunning Arabian horse gallaping in the desert. The background field incorporates a middle eastern themed background.

The reverse shows a repeating pattern of circles and triangles and displays the pertinent assay details, including the makers mark, 5 gram gold weight and purity. A unique serial number is included along the bottom edge.

PAMP Suisse Arabian Horse 5 Gram Gold Bar Details:

  • Contains five grams of 24k .9999 fine gold.
  • Obverse shows the galloping Arabian horse.
  • Reverse incorporates a triangle and circuluar motif background with inscriptions with the hallmark, weight, purity and serial number.

This 5 gram gold bar shows the Arabian horse running free in the desert sands. These beautifully crafted gold bars capture the distinct physical features that not only contribute to their aesthetic appeal, but also their physical prowess.

Known for their intelligence and good temperament, Arabian horses are often praised for their willingness to cooperate with and form bonds with humans. Arabians were a symbol of wealth and status and often treated as members of the Bedouin families who owned them, reflecting their esteemed status in society.

The beauty and strength of Arabian horses have been celebrated in art and literature throughout history, further solidifying their iconic status. Minted in pure 24k gold reinforces the connection between natural and this precious metal.

As a special gift for the horse lover, this gold bar can be worn as a necklace with the included gold-colored steel portrait pendant frame, chain not included.

5 Gram Arabian Horse Gold Bar from PAMP Suisse Specifications

Weight .1607 oz
Country Switzerland
Type Gold Bar
Mint PAMP Suisse
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