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2020 Government Bullion

2020 Government Bullion

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2020 Government Bullion Coins

Government bullion coins are high-grade precious metals coins suitable for investment purposes. Government bullion coins are predominantly issued by a sovereign government agency. In some cases bullion coins may be produced by private mints on behalf of governments.

That said, in almost all cases, bullion coins are almost completely made of a precious metal with a content purity of 90% or above.

For example, a Gold Eagle is crafted by the U.S. mint, authorized by the U.S. government, and has the weight (1 troy ounce) and face value denomination included on its surface.

Each year many governments release bullion to the investment and collectors markets.

Government bullion, such as the American Silver Eagle and Gold Eagle coins are eligible for investment in a precious metals IRAs.

Commonly, silver coins and gold coins are release each year by various governments around the world and are commonly available in the United States.

Those include coins released by:

  • United States: United States Mint
  • Australia : Royal Australian Mint & The Perth Mint
  • Austria : The Austrian Mint
  • United Kingdom: The Royal Mint
  • Canada: Royal Canadian Mint
  • South Africa: The South Africa Mint
  • Mexico: Casa de Moneda de Mexico
  • China: China Banknote Printing and Minting Corporation (CBPM)
  • South Korea: KOMSCO

Silver government bullion is often referred to as silver coins to differentiate it from privately minted silver rounds and bars. Silver coins are minted by official sovereign government sanctioned mints. The quality, purity and composition of government bullion coins is usually guaranteed by the government.