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2020 Somalia 1 oz Gold Elephant Coin

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2020 Somalia 1 oz Gold Elephant Coin Melt Value

The 2020 Somalia 1 oz Gold Elephant Coin coin contains 1 troy ounces of gold bullion. The melt value of one 2020 Somalia 1 oz Gold Elephant Coin coin is $1765.00 based on the current gold spot price.

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Product Description

The 2020 1 oz Somalia Gold Elephant BU coin features a beautiful rendition of the majestic creature and contains 1 oz of .9999 fine Gold. The Gold Elephant Coin is one of the most fascinating coins in the African Wildlife Coin Series, which commemorates the characteristic fauna of Africa.


One of the most interesting aspects of the Gold Elephant Coin is the location of the coin's production: the Das Bayerisches Hauptmünzamt Mint, or the Bavarian State Mint. Over 800 years old, the Bavarian State Mint has been producing coins since 1158, and it is the oldest company in Munich. One of the five German state mints, the Bavarian State Mint produces collector coins, medals and seals. 


Besides its place of manufacture, another of the Gold coin's desirable attributes is its striking design. Celebrating the beauty of the animal kingdom, the Gold Elephant Coin portrays one of the largest mammals found on the African plains: the elephant. Retaining the same design since the Gold coin's release, the obverse of the Gold Elephant Coin depicts two leopards supporting a shield and five-pointed star. Beneath the leopards appears a ribbon draped over two crossed lances and two crossed palm fronds. However, unlike the obverse, the reverse of the Gold Elephant Coin changes annually but always features an illustration of a majestic elephant in its natural habitat.

African elephants are the largest and heaviest land animal on the earth with no known natural predators once they reach adulthood. This majestic animal graces the reverse of each coin with a design that changes yearly making it desirable by both collectors and investors.

Coin Highlights:

  • Contains 1 oz of .9999 fine Gold.
  • Obverse: Displays the Somalian Coat of Arms and the date along with the face value of 1000 shillings.
  • Reverse: Features two adult elephants, with large tusks, facing each other. Between them is the African savanna with Mount Kilimanjaro rising up in the background.
  • Minted at the Bavarian State Mint in Germany.

2020 Somalia 1 oz Gold Elephant Coin Specifications

Weight 1 oz
Country Somalia
Type Gold Coins
Mint Bavarian State Mint
Year 2020
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