Gold: $2342.80  Silver: $31.93  Platinum: $1038.00  90% Junk $1 FV: $22.83  Gold/Silver Ratio: 73.37

Hamburgische M¨nze

Hamburg Mint

Hamburgische M¨nze, also known as the Hamburg Mint, is the official minting authority of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in Germany. It is responsible for producing coins and medals for the city and operates under the authority of the Hamburg Senate Department of Finance.

The history of the Hamburg Mint dates back several centuries. It was originally established in the late 12th century and has since played a significant role in minting coins that reflect Hamburg's history, culture, and local identity.

As an official mint, Hamburgische M¨nze adheres to strict quality standards in the production of coins and medals. It produces circulating coins used in daily transactions and commemorative coins to mark important events and anniversaries in Hamburg. These commemorative coins often celebrate the city's historical milestones and cultural heritage.

The coins minted by Hamburgische M¨nze are legal tender in Germany and are widely used in trade and commerce within Hamburg and the surrounding regions. They are also collected by numismatists and investors worldwide due to their historical significance and the mint's reputation for producing high-quality pieces.

Overall, Hamburgische M¨nze plays a vital role in preserving Hamburg's numismatic heritage and contributing to the city's cultural and historical legacy through its coinage.