Gold: $1380.30  Silver: $15.33  Platinum: $817.20  90% Junk $1 FV: $10.96  Gold/Silver Ratio: 90.04

Cheapest Silver Bullion Price

The Silver bullion products listed here have the lowest premium over silver spot price per ounce. These are the cheapest silver prices offered by major online bullion dealers with the lowest silver premium.

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Now showing the cheapest Silver Fractional Goverment bullion products.

Silver Spot Price: $15.33 per ounce

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Product  Dealer  P/oz over Spot  Lowest Price  QTY for FS  FS Deal $ 
$1 Face Value 90% Silver Coins Provident Metals
Free Shipping @ $99
($0.22 per coin)
(2.00% premium)
$11.18 9 $100.62
Mercury Dimes $1 FV Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $99
($2.10 per coin)
(19.15% premium)
$13.06 8 $104.48
2017 China 30 gram 10 Yuan Silver Panda Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $99
($4.44 per coin)
(30.06% premium)
$19.23 6 $115.38
Circulated Peace Dollar Culls Golden Eagle Coins
Free Shipping @ $99
($3.56 per coin)
(30.06% premium)
$15.42 7 $107.94
2019 30 gram Chinese Silver Panda Coin .999 Fine 10 Yuan Brilliant Uncirculated Provident Metals
Free Shipping @ $99
($6.75 per coin)
(45.68% premium)
$21.54 5 $107.70
2018 Chinese Silver Panda 30 Gram Coin SD Bullion
Free Shipping @ $99
($6.88 per coin)
(46.56% premium)
$21.67 5 $108.35
Random Year Peace Dollar Silver Coin JM Bullion
Free Shipping @ $100
($5.63 per coin)
(47.52% premium)
$17.49 6 $104.94
1878-1904 Morgan Silver Dollars (Random Years) Provident Metals
Free Shipping @ $99
($9.50 per coin)
(80.16% premium)
$21.36 5 $106.80
1/10 oz 2017 Mexican Libertad Silver Coin SD Bullion
Free Shipping @ $99
($3.98 per coin)
(259.43% premium)
$5.51 18 $99.18

Lowest Silver Bullion Prices

Compare silver bullion prices and compare dealer premiums for popular Silver bullion products. This tool will display silver bullion sorted by the lowest silver price per ounce over silver spot price. Investors that are interested in stacking silver bullion for weight will look for the best silver price per ounce closest to silver spot price.

Even those who stack and invest in sovereign government silver coins or bullion. Our silver price comparison tools will find you the lowest American Silver Eagle prices, cheapest Silver Maple Leafs prices, or the best price for Austria Silver Philharmonics This page shows the cheapest silver bars, lowest priced silver rounds and silver coins.

What is Silver Bullion?

Silver bullion is silver that has been cast or poured into bars, coins, rounds or ingots. Silver bullion can be used for industrial or medical applications or you can buy silver bullion as an investment. Many investors prefer to buy silver bullion in rounds, which are the same shape as a coin but do not carry any face value as legal currency.