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Compare Silver Eagle Prices

Compare Silver Eagle Prices

American Silver Eagle is one of the most highly sought after bullion coins. Investors can often recoup most of the premium over silver spot price that these coins command. They are backed by the U.S. and guaranteed for their purity, weight and silver content.

Minted since 1986 of .999 fine silver. Silver Eagle prices will often be higher than spot price in part because of their demand. The best Silver Eagle prices will be those offered by dealers as Random Year coins or those in cull condition.

Random Year Silver Eagles

Random Year Silver Eagles are often the best priced. They will be based what each dealer has in their inventory and will usually be back dated from previous years. The coins may be in sealed tubes direct from the U.S. Mint as "new old stock". They may also be uncirculated condition Silver Eagles that dealers buy from the secondary market. For investors looking for the best prices on Silver Eagle coins, those sold as Random Year will be the best priced for those in uncirculated condition.

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