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Valcambi Cast Gold 100 gram Bar

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Valcambi Cast Gold 100 gram Bar Melt Value

The Valcambi Cast Gold 100 gram Bar bar contains 3.11 troy ounces of gold bullion. The melt value of one Valcambi Cast Gold 100 gram Bar bar is $5517.45 based on the current gold spot price.

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Product Description

100 gram Gold Bar - Cast, Valcambi Suisse

Investors looking to diversify into precious metals often look to investment-grade gold bullion bars.

Investing in Cast gold bars is popular among investors. Cast gold bars are made from well-established private mints that have world-class reputation for adherance to the strictest standards. Cast gold bars are also available at a lower premium than other precious metal investments.

Bar Highlights:

  • Contains 100 Grams (3.11 Troy oz) of .9999 pure gold.
  • Obverse face includes only engravings.
  • Markings of purity, year of issue, and weight included.
  • Blank reverse face.
  • Individual serial numbers with assay.
  • Privately refined by Valcambi Suisse.

Valcambi Suisse is a recognized world leader in precious metals refining. Valcambi Suisse was founded in 1961 in Balerna, Switzerland. The company was originally known as Valori & Cambi. In 1968, the company was acquired by Credit Suisse and became Valcambi Suisse.

Valcambi Cast 100 Gram Gold Bars are refined using traditional methods. Gold is melted and poured by hand or computerized equipment into a pre-set cast to produce bars of the desired shapes and weights.

The bars are then left to cool by air or dumped into water to accelerate the cooling of the bar.

The overall production process is less-complex than with other refining methods due to the lack of complicated designs, refined finishes and shaping. This allows Valcambi Suisse and other refiners are able to offer 100 Gram Valcambi Cast Gold Bars at lower premiums over the spot price of gold making them much more attractive purchase to investors.

The only markings on the Valcambi 100 gram Gold Bar are on the obverse or front side. The markings include the Valcambi Suise name, with the firms rotating square logo below. Also included is the weight of the gold bar, the purity, and metal content. Each bar is also etched with an individual serial number which is matched to an assay card from the manufacturer for authenticity.

Each 100 Gram Valcambi Cast Gold Bar is manufactured to meet the London and Comex Good Delivery standards.

Valcambi Cast Gold 100 gram Bar Specifications

Weight 3.11 troy ounces
Country Switzerland
Type Gold Bars
Mint Valcambi
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