Gold: $2321.45  Silver: $29.55  Platinum: $990.09  90% Junk $1 FV: $21.13  Gold/Silver Ratio: 78.56

1 oz Gold Coins - Random Design

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eBay (bgasc)1 oz Gold Coin (Random Year, Varied Condition, Any Mint, .999+)

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$2,409.27 $87.82
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Melt Value: 1 oz Gold Coins - Random Design

This gold coin contains 1.000 troy ounces of bullion. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one 1 oz Gold Coins - Random Design is $2321.45 based on today's gold spot price.

Prices Last Updated: Jun 23, 2024 02:19 pm

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1 oz Gold Coins - Random Design

Random 1 oz Gold Coins

Government issued gold coins have been the underpinning of the global economy for hundreds of years. However, the US and many other countries detached from the gold-standard in the early 1970s it then became legal for regular investors to buy gold.

It was during that period that many governments increased offerings of investment-grade gold coins because it is the oldest and most trusted store of value and wealth.

While many central banks are adding to their holdings, scores of government mints are continuing to churn out gold coins as a physical store of value alternative to holding cash.

Investors shopping for the lowest premium 1 troy ounce pure gold coins can be overwhelmed by the countless options from which to choose. Buying gold coins from a random mint assures a surprise in from your mailbox when it arrives and is a great way to get a feel for how various countries present coinage. The coins in these listing could be from practically any series issued by a sovereign mint that may include commemorative coins from the US Mint or Royal Canadian Mint.

In some cases, these coins could be newly minted or from the secondary market and some dealers may include inventory that had been originally sold at signficant markup to collectors. All will be tested for authenticity and meet of minimum purity requirements of .999 or higher where listed.

In addition to well known investment series', many governments mint 1 oz gold coins in order to commemorate specific events, to honor popular or historical figures, promote and highlight cultural heritage or with a focus on national symbols of pride. 

Random 1 oz Gold Coin Details:

  • Contains one troy ounce of pure .999 or .9999 fine gold.
  • Backed by sovereign government.
  • Random mint, random design, random year.
  • Marked with legal tender face value.
  • May be in scruffy, toned or handled condition.
  • Obverse & Reverse designs will vary based on available inventory.

These are the perfect coins for investors who want to get the cheapest 1 oz gold coin regardless of the mint. 

Selections will vary from dealer to dealer based on available inventory but may include favorites from the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, Royal Mint, New Zealand Mint and others.

Some of the most popular 1 oz gold coins may be including in these listings. Those include the South African Krugerrand, the Great Britain Britannica, the American Eagle or the Australian Kangaroo.

Gold Bullion Coins

Gold bullion coins are investment assets that hold a legal tender value determined by and guaranteed by a government financial authority in addition to the intrinsic value of the precious metal content providing investors with an additional layer of assurance and security. These are produced by widely known sovereign mints which increases the liquidity if the need or opportunity to sell arises.

These gold coins each contain one troy ounce of pure gold. A growing number of bullion investors are looking for the lowest premiums and are often satisfied getting unique coins. After all, gold coins are often struck with .9999 pure gold, making them excellent vehicles to expand the value of your portfolio with unexpected designs. Fineness will vary based on mint. Specific details will be available from each dealer and will be chosen from on-hand stock.

1 oz Gold Coins - Random Design Specifications

Weight 1 oz
Country Various
Type Gold Coin
Mint Various
Year Various
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