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50 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar

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50 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar Melt Value

The 50 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar bar contains 1.608 troy ounces of gold bullion. The melt value of one 50 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar bar is $2975.44 based on the current gold spot price.

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Product Description

PAMP Suisse Gold 50 Gram Poured Bar

PAMP Suisse is a globally renowed precious metal refining company based on Switzerland. PAMP is know worldwide for their attention to quality, detail and integrity.

The PAMP Poured 50 Gram Gold Bar has a rough and unfinished look, but is cast in pure 24 karat .9990 fine gold.

PAMP was established in the southern Switzerland canton Ticino in 1977.

The company also mints other products, including bars, medals and legal tender coins for government mints and private businesses.

Casting involves pouring molten liquid gold into a mold before letting the bar cool.

The result is highlighted in this casted gold bar. The finish has a less pristine texture than traditional PAMP products. 

The gold used in each bar is 24 karat.

The obverse of each bar features imprints of the PAMP logo and the bar's purity and weight.

The bar's serial number and the phrase "Essayeur Fondeur" can also be seen here.

The reverse side has no markeings, just a blank surface with a matte finish.

Bar Highlights

  • 50 Grams, or 1.608 Troy ounces of .9999 pure gold.
  • Unique Matte Cast Finish.
  • Each bar contains a unique assayer serial number.
  • Comes with accompanying assay card.
  • Obverse: PAMP logo, weight and purity stamped into the bar.
  • Reverse: Blank matte surface.

50 Gram PAMP Suisse Gold Bar Specifications

Weight 1.608 troy ounces
Country Switzerland
Type Gold Bars
Mint PAMP Suisse
Year Minted Various
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