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2024 Krugerrand 1 oz Silver Coin

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Bullion Dealer Price Each Dealer Premium Link
GoldClub Direct
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$32.93 $2.65
(8.75% prem)
BOLD Precious Metals
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$33.25 $2.97
(9.81% prem)
Monument Metals
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$33.84 $3.56
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BullionStar US
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$34.37 $4.09
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$35.46 $5.18
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Provident Metals
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$35.46 $5.18
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$36.36 $6.08
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JM Bullion
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$36.36 $6.08
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$36.44 $6.16
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eBay (aydin_coins)2024 South Africa 1 oz 999 Fine Silver Krugerrand Coin BU - In Stock

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$37.76 $7.48
(24.70% prem)
Dealer Rating:
$40.00 $9.72
(32.10% prem)

Melt Value: 2024 Krugerrand 1 oz Silver Coin

This silver coin contains 1.000 troy ounces of bullion. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one 2024 Krugerrand 1 oz Silver Coin is $30.28 based on today's silver spot price.

Prices Last Updated: Jul 17, 2024 03:03 pm

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2024 Krugerrand 1 oz Silver Coin

The Krugerrand 1 oz silver coin is a bullion coin that contains one troy ounce of .999 fine silver. It was introduced by the South African Mint in 2017 as a silver alternative to the popular gold Krugerrand coin. 

The South African Mint saw an opportunity to cater to investors who preferred silver over gold due to its lower price point and affordability. By introducing the silver Krugerrand, the Mint aimed to provide investors with a trusted and recognized coin that could serve as a store of value and a means of diversifying their investment portfolios.

Investors buy silver Krugerrand coins because silver is often considered a safe-haven asset and a hedge against inflation. It has historically retained its value during times of economic uncertainty. Secondly, the Krugerrand is a highly recognized and trusted coin, making it easy to buy and sell in the global market. Additionally, the coin's one-ounce size makes it more affordable for smaller investors compared to its gold counterpart. Finally, some collectors may also be interested in acquiring the silver Krugerrand for its numismatic value and as part of a broader coin collection.

2024 Krugerrand 1 oz Silver Coin Specifications

Weight 1 oz
Country South Africa
Type Sovereign Government Bullion
Mint South African Mint
Year 2024
Coins Series South African Krugerrands
Classification Modern
Coins Type Sovereign Government Bullion
Purity .999 fineness
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Diameter 38.70 mm
Thickness 2.84 mm
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