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Tombstone Mummy 2 oz Silver Bar

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$92.47 $33.37
$16.68 per oz

Melt Value: Tombstone Mummy 2 oz Silver Bar

This silver bar contains 2.000 troy ounces of bullion. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one Tombstone Mummy 2 oz Silver Bar is $59.10 based on today's silver spot price.

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Tombstone Mummy 2 oz Silver Bar

Monarch Precious Metals has a festive set of unique hand-poured collectible 2 oz silver bars that are the perfect investment to celebrate Autumn and halloween.  

The obverse design of these uniquely themed bars features a Mummy wrapped with old bandages walking like a zombie, with the letters R.I.P. stamped in bold along the top edge. The weight, 2 ozt and purity, .999 fine silver are also stamped on the front.

The reverse is stamped with the Monarch Precious Metals hallmark and unique serial number.

This cast silver bar is designed to look like an old tombstone grave marker from an old cemetery. The haunting design invokes thoughts of ghosts and goblins trampling on fallen leaves. The full moon in the background gives a spooky glow behind the barren tree.

To make each cast bar, a silversmith uses an artisanal process to heat pure silver until it reaches a molten liquid form. The craftsmen then pour the molten silver into mold typically composed graphite.

As the liquified silver hardens, distinct cooling lines and other striations are formed. An antique finish is applied to give each bar its own unique appearance. No two bars are alike and each is hand stamped with an individual serial number.

The mintage of these collectibles is limited.

Investors with a penchant appreciation of Halloween and the spirit of autumn will appreciate the appearance of the design in addition to having a stackable asset.

The reverse design features the Monarch hallmark logo and includes inscriptions identifying the weight, type, purity and a unique serial number.

These two troy ounce silver bars come packaged from the manufacturer enclosed in a beautifully hand-made oak box that is suitable as a gift for halloween lovers or used as part of a holiday decorations or display.

Monarch Tombstone Shaped 2 oz Silver Bars Details:

  • Hand poured with two troy ounces of .999 fine silver
  • Antique finish suitable as a gift, collectible or investment
  • Obverse: Stamped with Mummy design
  • Reverse: MPM hallmark
  • Includes a custom made oak display box suitable for gifting
  • Limited Mintage

The concept of mummification has been found to have roots in various ancient cultures, including ancient Egypt and South America where it was practiced as a method to preserve the bodies of the deceased for the afterlife.

The Mummy is a character that transcends cultural boundaries. In some depictions, the idea that disturbing a Mummy's tomb could bring about a curse adds an element of suspense and danger to Mummy-themed stories and movies. 

Monarch Precious Metals is a boutique silversmith founded in 2008 and headquartered in Medford, Oregon. The company employs a small crew of dedicated and skilled workers to produce exclusively designed collectible pieces minted from investment grade .999 fine silver bullion.

Monarch specializes in the production of various hand-poured and hand-stamped bullion products which have a unique and artisanal appearance. All of their bars and rounds are individually crafted by pouring molten precious metal into molds and then stamping them with unique designs and specifications. This process gives each piece a rustic and handcrafted look.

Tombstone Mummy 2 oz Silver Bar Specifications

Weight 2 oz
Country United States
Type Silver Bar
Mint Monarch Precious Metals
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