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2024 5 oz Armenian Noah's Ark Silver Coin

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$176.50 $28.75
$5.75 per oz
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$186.85 $39.10
$7.82 per oz
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$188.60 $40.85
$8.17 per oz

Melt Value: 2024 5 oz Armenian Noah's Ark Silver Coin

This silver coin contains 5.000 troy ounces of bullion. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one 2024 5 oz Armenian Noah's Ark Silver Coin is $147.75 based on today's silver spot price.

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2024 5 oz Armenian Noah's Ark Silver Coin

The Armenian Noah's Ark silver coin is based on the timeless story of Noah’s Ark, as it celebrates the country's important connection to the story from the Bible. 

Following the cataclysmic flood that ended the world, Noah’s Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat along the border of Armenia and Turkey.

Mount Ararat is widely considered to be an Armenia's national symbol and holds a significant amount of cultural significance to the Christian nation.

The series is one of the few government backed issues that is consistently minted with larger format coins. This year marks the 12th annual issue.

2024 5 oz Noah's Ark Silver Coin Highlights:

  • Contains five troy oz 999 Fine Silver
  • Reverse: Depicts a dove carrying an olive branch in the foreground, with Noah's Ark in floodwaters, and the sun over Mount Ararat in the background
  • Obverse: Features the coat of arms of Armenia encircled by "REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA" in both English and Armenian, along with the year of issue, legal tender value, metal weight, and purity
  • Produced by Geiger Edelmetalle on behalf of Republic of Armenia

First minted in 2011, these coins are popular among collectors and investors of precious metals. The coin is noteworthy for its beautiful design and cultural significance.

The reverse of this coin is what makes it popular, as it depicts a dove in flight with an olive branch in its beak and Noah’s Ark floating on the floodwaters with Mount Ararat in the background. This imagery is directly connected to the biblical story of Noah and the Ark.

The depiction of Mount Ararat is particularly significant for Armenia. Although the mountain is currently in Turkish territory, it holds great historical and cultural importance for the Armenian people and is a national symbol.

In the Book of Genesis, God decided to flood the earth to cleanse it of its sinfulness. Noah was instructed to build an ark and save his family along with a pair of every species of animal. After the floodwaters receded, Noah sent out a dove to find land; it returned with an olive branch, signaling the end of the flood and the beginning of a new covenant between God and humanity.

2024 5 oz Armenian Noah's Ark Silver Coin Specifications

Weight 5 oz
Country Armenia
Type Silver Coin
Mint Armenian Mint
Year 2024
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