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2022 Mexican Libertad 2 oz Silver Coin

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Melt Value: 2022 Mexican Libertad 2 oz Silver Coin

This silver coin contains 2.000 troy ounces of bullion. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one 2022 Mexican Libertad 2 oz Silver Coin is $59.10 based on today's silver spot price.

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2022 Mexican Libertad 2 oz Silver Coin

2022 Libertad 2 oz Coin 

The design of the Mexican Libertad coin has remained virtually unchanged since it's debut in 1982. The 2 troy ounce Libertad was introduced by the Mexican Mint in 1998, along with additional size variations that maintain the same obverse and reverse design.

The two ounce Libertad is slightly larger in diameter and thickness than the more familar 1 oz variety. Which makes these coins an excellent display piece as part of a collection.

Investors look for the current year coins to be released annually. Most weight denominations of the Mexican Libertad coin series are minted in limited quantities annually. The 2 oz Libertad is one of the rarest coins in the series.

Coins in Libertad Series from Mexico typically maintain their premium over spot price in the secondary market. 

Demand from both collectors and investors for the 2 oz Libertad Silver coin often exceeds the quantity released from the mint. The premiums for libertads are much higher than other government issued bullion coins, which sets the Mexican Libertad coin series apart from other sovereign government coins.

2022 Libertad Design

The design of the 2022 Libertad coin carries the same obverse and reverse design as previous year coins. 

The obverse design proudly shows the Mexican Coat of Arms in the center, with the historical Coats of Arms circling and surrounding the central design.

Based on the original Mexican Onza Silver Coin design.

The reverse design features a rendition of several popular national symbols of Mexico. The central design theme of the reverse is based around the celebration of Mexico's War of Independence and Freedom from the tyranny of Spanish Colonial Rule.

2022 Mexican Libertad 2 oz Silver Coin Highlights:

  • Minted from two troy ounces (62.2 grams) of pure .999 fine silver.
  • Backed and guaranteed for it's weight and purity by the government of Mexico
  • Mint by Casa de Moneda, the oldest continually operating mint in the Americas
  • Obverse: Displays renditions of the Mexican Coats of Arms, which include nationalist symbols that are important to the people of Mexico 
  • Reverse: Shows the Libertad statue, with two of Mexico's famous volcanos rising in the distant background


The 2 oz Silver variation of the Mexican Libertad coin is minted in limited numbers annually. The actual mintage is not announced in advance and even known mintages are often unconfirmed.

Recent known mintage for the Libertad 2 oz Silver Coin include:

2 oz Silver Libertad Bullion Coin Recent Mintage History
Year Mintage Amount
2021 6,500
2020 5,500
2019 18,300
2018 20,400
2017 8,900
2016 17,600
2015 20,100

2022 Mexican Libertad 2 oz Silver Coin Specifications

Weight 2 oz
Country Mexico
Type Silver Coin
Mint La Casa de Moneda de Mexico
Year 2022
Classification Modern
Purity .999 fineness
Diameter 48 mm
Thickness 4.5 mm tracks prices from some of the most trusted and reputable online bullion dealers to help find the lowest prices on 2022 Mexican Libertad 2 oz Silver Coin.

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