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Monnaie de Paris

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Monnaie de Paris

Monnaie de Paris is also known as the Paris Mint or the French Mint. It was established by King Charles II in the year 864 to centralize the production of coinage in France and today, it is the oldest continuously operating minting institution in the world.

Monnaie de Paris is a state-owned industrial and commercial company under the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery that is in charge of producing France's circulating coins and a range of precious metal collector's coins, medals, and decorations.

The Monnaie de Paris is known for its rich heritage and exceptional craftsmanship and is the producer of the famous Gold Marianne Rooster Coins, one of the most popular 20 francs gold coins with bullion investors. The Marianne, a national symbol of France, is depicted on the obverse of the coin, while the gallic rooster, another symbol of France, is portrayed on the reverse.

In addition to its role as a mint, Monnaie de Paris or Paris Mint, also operates a museum which is located in a historic building on the Left Bank of the River Seine, close to the Pont Neuf Bridge in Paris. This museum showcases the history of the mint and offers exhibits on the art of metalworking and coin production.

The mint offers an assortment collaborations with contemporary artists to produce innovative designs with collector coins celebrating French culture, history, and symbols, from iconic French figures to UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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