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Johnson Matthey

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Johnson Matthey

In 1817, at the age of nine, Percival Norton Johnson joined the assaying and refining business of his maternal uncle, George Matthey and formed a partnership known as Matthey & Johnson.

Matthey & Johnson focused on assaying and refining silver and gold and developed a reputation as a trusted supplier to the jewelry industry, banking institutions, and industrial manufacturers throughout England.

Following the death of George Matthey in 1851, the company was subsequently renamed Johnson & Matthey with Percival continuing to lead the company until his retirement in 1879.

The JM products that are most widely available today include 10 oz and 100 oz silver bars.

In 2015, Asahi Holdings of Japan purchased the gold and silver refining businesses and Asahi continues to maintain the Johnson Matthey commitment to producing industry leading silver and gold bullion products.

They maintain refining operations and facilities in Royston, United Kingdom, Salt Lake City, United States, Brampton, Canada and Maastricht, Netherlands, servicing mining, institutional and investment industries worldwide.

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