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Germania Mint

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The Germania Mint, Poland

Based in Poland, The Germania Mint is a manufacturer of modern collectible and investment products, characterized by the unique concept of Germania, which is both a mythical land developed by 19th-century poets and writers and also refers to the actual land east of the Danube River, as first termed by Roman emperor Julius Caesar. Today, the area encompasses areas of Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary that were largely inhabited by tribes of Germans, Slavs, Pols and others who were never subjugated by Rome.

The Mint's high quality workmanship and innovative packaging have made them one of the fastest growing mints in the world that continues to expand into new areas of the numismatic industry.

Why buy from the Germania Mint?

The Germania Mint offers a unique and fresh approach to precious metals. They provide high quality investment-grade products with stunning and beautiful designs that carrying on the legends of ancient Germania.

The Germania Mint has developed advanced technology to help prevent counterfeiting. Each of their cast silver bars is etched with a unique serial number on the front. On the rear, the mint has attached a special permanent sticker that contains a 3D hologram containing the mint hallmark and an additional unique serial number. When paired together, these two numbers can be verified against a database with the mint as a way to be assured you have an authentic and genuine product.

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