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Belgium Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

Belgium does not have a history of mining precious metals domestically. The country's geology and landscape have not been conducive to significant gold or silver mining activities. However, Belgium has a history as a significant player in the global precious metals market through refining, recycling, trade, and financial services related to precious metals.

Belgium is home to some notable precious metals refining operations. One of the most significant players in the market is Umicore, a global materials technology and recycling group. Umicore's Precious Metals Refining operations in Hoboken, Belgium, are particularly well-known. They refine a variety of precious metals, including gold and silver, from both primary and secondary sources.

The National Bank of Belgium holds and manages significant gold reserves which form a part of the country's financial assets. These reserves are typically stored in the form of bullion and coins.

Cities like Antwerp, has been historically significant in the trade and finance of precious metals, mainly due to its strategic location in Europe and its well-established financial sector. While Antwerp is renowned globally for its diamond trade, the industry often intersects with the precious metals industry.

After gaining independence in 1830, Belgium began minting its own currency based on the French Franc. It later joined the Latin Monetary Union and Belgian minting operations issued coins to treaty standards and specifications. Today, Belgium 20 francs gold coins are one of the lowest premium investment coins. Historically, much of the metal used in minting Belgian gold coinage came from global trade and, later, colonial exploits.

Assorted Precious Metals from Belgium

Belgium Gold

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