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PAMP Suisse 5 gram Year of the Dragon Gold Bar

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Melt Value: PAMP Suisse 5 gram Year of the Dragon Gold Bar

This gold bar contains 0.161 troy ounces of bullion. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one PAMP Suisse 5 gram Year of the Dragon Gold Bar is $373.18 based on today's gold spot price.

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PAMP Suisse 5 gram Year of the Dragon Gold Bar

This new Lunar Legend series of minted bullion bars from PAMP Suisse tell legendary stories related to each of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, beginning with the Legend of the Azure Dragon.

The Azure Dragon, also known as Qinglong in Chinese, is one of the Four Symbols, which are four mythological creatures representing a direction and a season, and each has its own set of attributes and meanings.

The Azure Dragon represents the East and the Spring season and is often depicted as a majestic and fearsome blue or green dragon. It's commonly shown moving amidst clouds or the heavens, often with a serpentine body that stretches across the sky.

The obverse design depicts each of the twelve animals of the lunar cycle as a large star encircling the new moon.

The reverse features the PAMP Suisse logo and is stamped with the weight and gold purity and is laser etched with a unique serial number.

PAMP Lunar Legends Azure Dragon 5 gram Gold Bar Highlights:

  • Minted bar containing five grams of 999.9 fine gold 
  • Swiss-made by a LBMA Good Delivery Refiner
  • Each bar is individually controlled, registered, and secured within protective CertiPAMP™ packaging
  • Proof-like finish.

Today, the Azure Dragon holds cultural and symbolic significance and can be found in various forms of art, literature, and celebrations, and is sometimes used in popular culture, including movies, anime, and video games. The legend and image of the Azure Dragon emphasize the cyclical nature of time, the regenerative forces of life, and the balance of cosmic energies

PAMP Suisse gold bars are recognized for their high purity at .9999 fineness (99.99% pure gold). Each fractional 5 gram gold bar from PAMP comes with an assay certificate, which guarantees its authenticity, weight, and purity.

To combat counterfeiting and ensure authenticity, PAMP Suisse has incorporated various security features into its products. One notable feature is the Veriscan technology, a proprietary system that scans and records the microscopic topography of each bar. This allows for later verification of the bar's authenticity via a mobile app.

PAMP Suisse gold products stand out not only for their purity and quality but also for their artistry, innovation and commitment to ethical practices.

PAMP Suisse 5 gram Year of the Dragon Gold Bar Specifications

Weight 0.160754 oz
Country Switzerland
Type Gold Bar
Mint PAMP Suisse
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