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Yeagers Poured Silver

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Yeager's Poured Silver (YPS)

Yeager's Poured Silver is a private mint and bullion producer known for its hand-poured silver products. It is operated by Chris and Megan Yeager, who are well-known in the precious metals community for their craftsmanship and unique silver pieces.

Yeagers Poured Silver is based in the United States and specializes in creating hand-poured silver bars and other silver bullion items. Hand-poured silver products are distinctive because they are individually crafted and may have slight variations in appearance, making each piece unique.

The mint produces various sizes and shapes of hand-poured silver bars, ranging from small 1 oz bars to larger 10 oz and 1 kg bars. Some of their bars feature unique and intricate designs, making them popular among collectors and investors who appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry in their silver bullion.

Yeagers Poured Silver is well-regarded in the precious metals community for its attention to detail, quality of craftsmanship, and commitment to providing unique and authentic hand-poured silver products. Their bars are often sought after by silver enthusiasts looking for something special and distinct in their precious metals collections.

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