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Founded in 2011 and based in the United States, the UPMA or United Precious Metals Association, is a not-for-profit organization offering accounts denominated in U.S. gold and silver dollars. The mission of the UPMA is to popularize and facilitate the use of gold and silver as money in accordance with U.S. law. The association believes that using gold and silver as money, instead of just as an investment or a hedge against inflation, offers an effective means of disciplining government fiscal and monetary policy.

One of the unique programs provided by UPMA is the Goldback project. The Goldback is a voluntary, complementary currency to the U.S. dollar that is made of spendable, interchangeable, small denomination gold bullion. The UPMA offers accounts denominated in Goldbacks as well as in traditional Federal Reserve dollars.

Goldbacks are made from layers of pure 24k gold and polyester, which makes them far more durable than a gold foil or leaf. They are available in 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 denominations, each of which contains a precise amount of gold ranging from 1/1000th to 1/20th of a troy ounce. Goldbacks are represented by different states that have laws supporting precious metals as money. Goldbacks are available for Utah, Nevada, Wyoming and New Hampshire.

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