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Sigma Metalytics


Sigma Metalytics

Sigma Metalytics is a company that produces devices designed to verify the authenticity of precious metal coins and bars. Their products use electromagnetic waves to measure the specific conductivity of a metal, helping to confirm its purity and authenticity.

One of the most relied upon products in the industry is the Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier or PMV. This device is designed to detect counterfeit coins and bullion using electromagnetic waves to analyze the metal content in coins and bars. The measurements are compared against known purity samples stored in the unit's memory. It can even assess the metal through the packaging, allowing users to verify precious metals without damaging the assay packaging.

The Precious Metal Verifier can be used with gold, silver, platinum and an assortment of sensor wand sizes are available, making it suitable for use with different sizes of coins and bars.

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