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Real Casa de la Moneda is the national mint of Spain. Established during the late Middle Ages, with its establishment as a unified institution in 1772, it is responsible for producing Spain's official currency, the Euro. In addition to circulating coinage and currency, the Royal Spanish Mint has also produced Spanish Gold Pesetas, collector's coins, medals, and other official items such as stamps.

The Doubloon is a gold coin from Spain and Spanish colonies and used for merchant trade and other commerce throughout the Americas from the 16th to the 19th centuries. They became particularly famous in the context of pirate lore, often depicted as sought-after pirate treasure.

Today, vintage doubloons are highly collectible with historical value based on their rarity, condition, historical significance, and the current price of gold. In recent years, the Spanish Royal Mint has begun to issue new gold coins that highlight cultural symbols.

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