Gold: $2459.75  Silver: $30.28  Platinum: $995.95  90% Junk $1 FV: $21.65  Gold/Silver Ratio: 81.23


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5 Commerce Drive
Aston, PA 19014


Pyromet is a privately owned Precious Metals Manufacturer and Refiner of Silver, Gold, and Platinum Group Metals. Founded in 1969, they are based in Aston, Pennsylvania and provide product and refining services for Film, High Grade, Plating, Investment, Electronic, and other Industrial markets

They specialize in the recovery and recycling of precious metals from various sources, including electronic waste, industrial scrap, and other materials containing valuable metals. From receipt to settlement, Pyromet processes and refines material all in house. All silver containing material purchased and handled by Pyromet is refined, purified, and resold to industrial consumers or buyers. Any co-product formed by the refining process is recycled further to ensure the final extraction of any residual precious metals.

Pyromet plays a significant role in recycling electronic waste (e-waste) by extracting precious metals from electronic components, such as circuit boards and chips. Recycling e-waste is crucial for environmental sustainability and conserving valuable resources. In addition to e-waste, Pyromet processes industrial scrap materials that contain precious metals. This includes materials from various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, jewelry, and dental.

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