Gold: $2049.40  Silver: $23.16  Platinum: $918.60  90% Junk $1 FV: $16.56  Gold/Silver Ratio: 88.49

Mint of Poland

Mint of Poland Logo
ul. Ciasna 6
Warszawa, Polska 00-232
(22) 656 42 00

Mint of Poland, Mennica Polska SA

The Mint of Poland, also known as Mennica Polska, is the official mint of the Republic of Poland that is responsible for producing all of the nation's circulating coinage, as well as a variety of commemorative coins and medals, including some struck from fine gold and silver.

Based in Warsaw, the Polish Mint has a complicated history dating back to the 18th century with periods of closure due to various political upheavals. The mint has operated continuously in its current form since 1924.

The Mint of Poland is recognized internationally for the high quality and innovative design of its commemorative and collector coins featuring complex designs, innovative minting techniques and sometimes incorporate elements like enamel, amber or other minerals for artistic effect.