Gold: $2049.40  Silver: $23.16  Platinum: $918.60  90% Junk $1 FV: $16.56  Gold/Silver Ratio: 88.49


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Neuchâtel, Switzerland


Metalor was founded in Neuchâtel, Switzerland in 1852 and is a leading international precious metals company specializing in refining, manufacturing, and distributing gold, silver, and other precious metals. Based in Switzerland, Metalor has a history that dates back to the 19th century and plays a significant role in the global precious metals market.

In the early days the company would smelt gold and flatten it into rolled sheets that were used in the manufacturing of Swiss watch cases.

During the beginning of the 1900s the company began to diversify and began working as a certified assayer.

This led to the company expanding into banking and financial services.

In 1934 the company became the first Swiss refinery to be certified as a Good Delivery provider for the London Bull Market Association (LBMA).

In 2016, Metalor was acquired by Tanaka Kikinzoka, a Japanese based conglomerate with a diversified portfolio.

Tanaka Precious Metals was established in 1885 and is involved in the refining, manufacturing, sales, import and export of a variety of precious metals for both industrial and investment.

Gold and silver bars from Metalor are recognized as Good Delivery by the LBMA, which is a mark of quality and assurance in the international bullion market. The brand hallmark on the bars stored in the LBMA vaults varies based on the refinery location and are described as: METALOR with an assay seal showing MCN are produced in Suzhou, China. METALOR with assay mark M over HK within an inverted triangle and ASSAYERS and MELTERS along the sloping sides of the triangle are produced in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong. METALOR and assay mark showing Essayeur Fondeur along two sides of triangle and MP within. Patterned bottom surface. (Please note: Advanced Dot-Matrix Markings Introduced) are produced in Marin, Neuchâtel, Switzerland. METALOR with an assay seal showing MSG are produced in Singapore. METALOR and MUS inverted triangle assayer's mark including year are produced in North Attleboro, Massachusetts in the United States.

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