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East India Company London

The East India Company was granted a royal charter by Queen Elizabeth I in 1600, which gave it a monopoly on trade with the East Indies, including India and the surrounding regions of Asia. This charter allowed the company to establish international trade routes and trading posts throughout the world and carry out commerce with various countries.

Through its extensive trading activities, the East India Company acquired vast amounts of gold bullion from the territories it operated in. This bullion was used to mint coins used to facilitate trade and other financial transactions.

The East India Company was granted the authority by the Crown to mint its own coins to meet the currency needs of its territories and trading partners. The company established mints in various locations to produce coins of different denominations. One of the most well-known gold coins produced by the East India Company was the Gold Pagoda. This coin was minted in South India and was widely used in trade and commerce in the region.

The company played a significant role in the history of the British Empire and its colonial expansion.

In 2010, the name and rights to the East India Company were purchased by Indian businessman Sanjiv Mehta. The East India Company now operates a series of luxury retail stores, an online shop offering a range of products that include fine foods, including tea, coffee, biscuits, jams, marmalade, mustards, and alcoholic beverages, among other things.

The company also deals in bullion, offering gold and silver coins along with silver bars with incredibly detailed and thoughtful designs. The East India Company is a licensee that is authorized to mint legal tender in the UK and their coins produced are celebrated with their own unique history along with other aspects of British history.

The coin designs capture remarkable stories, anniversaries and unique moments intended to preserve and honor and celebrate these stories on precious metal legal tender coins. The process combines traditional hand-crafted skills passed down from generations of expert engravers with the latest modern techniques to create coin collections our customers can cherish, collect and save for future posterity

The East India Company formally establish Britain's second oldest colony, St Helena, in 1657 as a vital refueling port for all ships headed East. It is possibly most famous as being the place where Emperor Napoleon was forced to live in exile until his death. St Helena and EIC continue to work closely together today to bring exceptional coins, hand-crafted to create collections to treasure for future generations.

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