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Croatian Mint

The Croatian Mint

The Croatian Mint, also known as "Hrvatski nov?arski zavod" in Croatian, is the official minting authority of Croatia. It is responsible for producing coins, medals, and other numismatic products for the country. The mint is located in the capital city, Zagreb.

The history of the Croatian Mint dates back to the 15th century when coinage operations began in the region that is now Croatia. Over the centuries, the mint has evolved and adapted to changing times and technologies, producing various coins that reflect Croatia's history, culture, and national identity.

As an official mint, the Croatian Mint operates under the supervision and regulation of the Croatian National Bank, which oversees the country's monetary and financial policies. The mint plays a crucial role in manufacturing coins for circulation, as well as producing commemorative coins and medals to mark significant events, anniversaries, and celebrations in Croatia.

The coins and numismatic products minted by the Croatian Mint are highly sought after by collectors and investors, both within Croatia and internationally. They serve as a means to preserve Croatian heritage and history while also contributing to the country's cultural and numismatic legacy.