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Vatican Mint

The Vatican Mint, known in Italian as "Zecca dello Stato della Citt´┐Ż del Vaticano," is the entity responsible for producing the coinage of the Vatican City State. The coins it produces have legal tender status within the Vatican City, although they are not widely circulated and are mostly sought after by collectors. Given the limited area and population of the Vatican City, its coins are not generally used in everyday transactions, but they can be used in the surrounding area of Rome as they share the same face values with Italian coins.

Over the years, the Vatican Mint has issued coins featuring images of popes, various religious symbols, and other themes related to the Catholic Church. Many of these coins become collectibles due to their limited mintage and the historical or religious significance of their designs.

In addition to regular coinage, the Vatican Mint produces commemorative coins and medals, often to mark significant events in the life of the Pope or the Church as a whole.