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Review Rating : 5
Review Date : April 26, 2019
Reviewer : Brandon Locklear
The best in business in my opinion ! I highly recommend MCM I have ordered 99% of my silver stack through them and I always receive it in 2-3 days I have never not once had any issue at all it’s surprising to hear that others have had issues with them ! I always order off their eBay page and they ship the same day every time . I will continue to buy from them . I just bought from provident and it took 2-3 days to ship and a week to be delivered I will be going back to mcm and I just wanted to see what it was like ordering from provident

Review Rating : 1
Review Date : February 7, 2019
Reviewer : Yammy
Ugly people working here. Just the very gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe type individuals. Do I get my shipments? Yes, eventually...they are in no hurry that is for sure. With coin dealers like this it is no wonder Their state enacted such stern rules covering coin dealers. My advice? Stay very far away.

Review Rating : 1
Review Date : January 30, 2019
Reviewer : BillyB
Horrible in just about every way. The only good thing I have to say is they have always delivered the product in a reasonable time frame. Not fast but reasonable. Other then that? Rude, smug, way overpriced and all around just distasteful individuals.