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Golden State Mint Customer Reviews

For investors, customer reviews serve as another source of information when making purchasing decisions by helping to gauge whether a particular bullion dealer aligns with their needs and preferences. While highly subjective, customer reviews can be helpful in understanding how online bullion dealers handle customer service, particularly when issues arise with regard to payment, shipping or delivery.

The reviews below have been submitted to us by Golden State Mint customers based on their individual experience and ordering with the company with the most recently shared reviews displayed first.

Golden State Mint Customers Reviews

The reviews below have been submitted by Golden State Mint customers.
Review Rating :
Review Date : February 12, 2023 Reviewer : blackKnight33H1
Yes some times the shipping can take a bit. However, if you are okay with waiting you will get legit silver coins at a way cheaper rate than some of the other known companies. I placed an order on a Sunday, got it 20 days later. Their products are beautiful.

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Review Date : July 12, 2022 Reviewer : stanley
I've had nothing buy positive experiences with GSM and I must have dealt with them at least eight different times over the past year. I get an email right away telling me that my order was processed and one a few days later telling me the order was shipped with a tracking number. Two days after that I receive my product. Keep up the fine job!

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Review Date : June 9, 2022 Reviewer : Andrew T
I agree with other reviewers. Took a FULL month to get my order. Only the first few days of that was them getting my check. The biggest chunk was them processing the order itself, after payment and before shipment. Coins themselves are fine. Just expect to wait 4-5 weeks for them. 2 star for lead time/shipping (it was free shipping, after all), 4 stars for coins. 3 overall.

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Review Date : June 6, 2022 Reviewer : Chris Watt
How do I purchase from Golden State Mint and do you ship to Australia? Thanks, Chris

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Review Date : March 1, 2022 Reviewer : steve
Placed an order for some silver shield rounds at 5 over spot. Paid by check. After the 10 business day hold (14 calendar days) I contacted customer support to inquire about my order. They informed me it will be a 1 to 2 week delay before shipping. I told them that my other bullion dealers have product in my hand 12 to 14 calendar days from when I write the check and drop it in the mail. Thier response was "we are a mint. Not a bullion dealer. I asked why does your website say in stock when I purchase? I had assumed that meant available for purchase and immediate shipment. No reply. This is 2022, not 1922. Please don't make the same mistake I did. Just order from a reputable dealer

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Review Date : April 8, 2021 Reviewer : Mark Rock
After going through the process of giving them personal info, military proof etc.. I placed an order, 2 days later I was told that my order was cancelled. I then had to wait 3 days to talk to someone who told me to call an 866 # and wanted more personal information. This guy sounded like he was talking our of his basement. Eventually I did receive my money back and used the same card with another dealer (SD Bullion) with no hassle. They have superb packaging and great customer service. Ret. Chief Master Sgt/USAF

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Review Date : February 5, 2021 Reviewer : shaun mcfarlin
interested in buying silver bullion

Review Rating :
Review Date : August 19, 2020 Reviewer : Cal
I've placed five separate orders from GSM, all for their walking liberty designs which look great in my opinion and I've never had an issue. When they have sales the prices are some of the best, but their normal prices are typically higher than some other dealers. Best place for fractional silver that I've found.

Review Rating :
Review Date : August 16, 2020 Reviewer : KeystyGangsta
Bars came scratched badly. I emailed and sent pictures immediately. To hey replied saying they’d get back to me. They never did so I emailed them again and they ignore my emails

Review Rating :
Review Date : May 18, 2020 Reviewer : Rodrick
Order on 4/12. Still no product as of 5/17.

Review Rating :
Review Date : May 3, 2018 Reviewer : James Mitchell
I'm very pleased with GSM. I believe their Buffalo round is the best in the business. Well-struck and hallmarked. Their threshold for bank wire payment is (I think) the lowest at $1000. Very convenient. Packaging is top notch. Communication is excellent from order to delivery. Good selection of low mintage. Also, GSM gives an accurate spot price.

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