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Gainesville Coins Customer Reviews

For investors, customer reviews serve as another source of information when making purchasing decisions by helping to gauge whether a particular bullion dealer aligns with their needs and preferences. While highly subjective, customer reviews can be helpful in understanding how online bullion dealers handle customer service, particularly when issues arise with regard to payment, shipping or delivery.

The reviews below have been submitted to us by Gainesville Coins customers based on their individual experience and ordering with the company with the most recently shared reviews displayed first.

Gainesville Coins Customers Reviews

The reviews below have been submitted by Gainesville Coins customers.
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Review Date : December 12, 2023 Reviewer : Frank
I ordered twenty Silver coins on 28Oct23. My check was received on 03Nov23. After a 10 day waiting period my coins should have shipped. It is 12Dec23 and still no word when my coins will ship. I called and got the standard response: they are too busy, it takes time. I hope I eventually get my coins, yet I will never order from them again!

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Review Date : September 30, 2023 Reviewer : sam
Order Christmas coins over a month after payment cleared they still had not shipped. After they stopped responding to emails I contacted my cc compay and they got me the refund. DONT DO IT

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Review Date : September 19, 2023 Reviewer : tk
Ordered over a month ago and paid with money order, have called a # of times and was told they are so busy. Today they hung up on me. I am 72, I do not want to lose this$ DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY THERE ARE PLENTY OF REPUTABLE DEALERS THAT ARE HONEST AND DELIVER QUICKLY AT COMPETITIVE PRICES!

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Review Date : March 15, 2023 Reviewer : Bill Goode
Gainesville Coins requires having a credit card on file with them before accepting any orders. Such a requirement indicates their lack of trust in the people they deal with. Not the sort of commercial relationship I would look for. There are plenty of other bullion dealers that do not have such a requirement and do trust their clientele.

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Review Date : January 20, 2023 Reviewer : Bill Goode
Requires a credit card to place an order, even if one pays by check. They don't trust me to send my check, so I don't trust them. For that reason I do not deal with Gainesville Coins.

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Review Date : December 8, 2022 Reviewer : Mauro Fernández
Thank you for the service and attention. My order was delivered in a timely manner.

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Review Date : September 28, 2022 Reviewer : FCStackerInFL
I ordered from them both online and at their store in Lutz, Florida. They are slow to deliver lately because of increased market demand but they have the best prices on many items. If you live locally and have the chance to drop by, Luis is friendly and is a great source of information. I picked up silver coins at their store that were not listed online and at amazing prices. (1.5 oz Silver Canadian Polar Bears) They have been in business for many years. I have purchased from them for 8 years now so they have my trust but hope they can speed up their processing to match other vendors.

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Review Date : July 15, 2022 Reviewer : Jeff Smith
Gainsville has had the cheapest prices on 1oz AG rounds for about a year now. Packaging is top notch. Folks whine about the lack of "free" shipping, but when you look at the "at the door" price you still make out as long as you're buying a full tube or more. That said, their shipping times are very long. Figure 6 weeks regardless of what the website says. They are a well established outfit and I have done business with them for many years.

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Review Date : June 16, 2022 Reviewer : Stephen Justice
Bad choice. Long delays processing, shipping takes forever, and shipping charges are HIGH and NOT worth it. When shipping problems occur Gainesville Coin will tell you "Once it leaves them, they have no control"! Yes, they do have control they can use someone other than USPS. It took six (6) days for a 700-mile journey.

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Review Date : May 12, 2022 Reviewer : Chuck
Still waiting for my order. ordered 4/21/22 it was to ship 5/6/22. called today 5/12/22 and was told it would not ship for a week to a week and a half from now. I requested they cancel my order and was told there would a hefty restocking fee for an order they failed to fulfill. I have placed and received 3 similar orders from SD Bullion since placing this order. do yourself a favor use someone else.

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Review Date : May 15, 2020 Reviewer : Ry‐indo
Ordered a pre sale of 20 rounds and a kilo bar of silver for a great price. Shipping was around 20$ so I add a dollar per round and it was still less than ordering from a free shipping seller. So I would say if you are going to buy 20+ oz. Of silver. Buy through them...

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Review Date : April 29, 2020 Reviewer : AH
Returned a bad coin but never received refund.

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Review Date : March 20, 2018 Reviewer : BP
Placed an order for some 80% Canadian Junk silver when they had it for sale in their clearance section for spot price. It was my first time ordering from them. A few days later I got a phone call from them to verify my credit card information and shipping details. The order didn't ship for at least another week and took another 4 or 5 days to get delivered. From the time the order was placed until the coins were delivered was over two weeks. Aside from the shipping delays the order and customer service was ok. With the shipping delays on top of the shipping charges I'm not sure I'd order from them again unless it was something special.

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