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Gold and Silver Coins from Mexico

Mexico has a rich history in the mining, refining and overall production of gold and silver coins and bullion products. Founded in 1535, La Casa de Moneda de Mexico, the national mint of Mexico, is the oldest mint in the Americas. Spanish viceroy Antonio de Mendoza established the mint by decree from the King of Spain. Silver eight-real coins created by the mint circulated world wide into the 19th century and became the basis for national currencies in much of the modern western world.

Today, the Mexican Mint is responsible for the production of Libertad silver and gold coins as well as annual commemorative issues. The Mexican Libertad is a bullion coin produced annually in a variety of weight denominations in both gold and silver. The Libertad design celebrates a number of national symbols of Mexico as well as Mexican Independence from the Spanish.

Mexico is also a leading worldwide producer of both gold and silver bullion. It's mines are responsible for the production of over 120 tons of gold annually

In addition to modern Libertad coins, Mexico has a rich history of circulated currency minted with precious metals. Mexican Gold Peso coins, minted in several different denominations, including Gold 2 Pesos, Gold 2.5 Pesos, Gold 5 Pesos, Gold 10 Pesos, Gold 20 Pesos and Gold 50 Pesos, are highly sought after by investors looking for low premium gold bullion. Gold Peso coins are minted from an alloy containing 90 percent gold and 10 percent copper. The result is a very durable coin with a slightly orange hue.

Each gold peso coin has a face value and is legal tender like most other bullion coins. Though the intrisic value of the gold is worth much more than the face value.

The largest denomination that is commonly available from online bullion dealers is the 50 Peso Gold Coin, sometimes referred to as the Centenario. The Centenario was first minted in 1921 to commemorate the 100th year anniversary of Mexico's independence from Spain. The Centenario contains 1.2057 troy ounces (37.5 grams) of pure gold. The coin was minted from 1921 through 1931 and again from 1944 to 1947. Restrikes were minted from 1949 until 1972 and are dated 1947. The Centenario is 37mm in diameter and 2.69mm thick.

The premium for Gold Peso coins is much lower than comparable fractional gold coins. As a result of their low price, investors are able to buy gold pesos coins for close to melt value.