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2019 Platinum 1 oz Austrian Philharmonic    
2022 Austrian Philharmonic 1 oz Platinum Coin BOLD Precious Metals $982.55

Austria Gold

Gold & Silver Coins from Austria

Austria, landlocked in Central Europe, has a long, rich history of minting gold and silver coins used in trade and commerce.

The Vienna Mint is one of the leading coin producers in the world. Located in the capital city of Vienna, Austria, the mint has been producing silver & gold coins for over 825 years.

The mint was established by Duke Leopold V of Austria with silver acquired from a ransom paid for the release of imprisoned King Richard the Lionheart of England in 1194.

Historically, The Vienna Mint has been responsible for the production of Austrian Gold Ducat coins, Gold Coronas Coins, and Gold Florin/Francs.

In recent years, the mint has been producing the widely popular Silver Philharmonic and Gold Philharmonic Bullion Coin Series'.

Precious Metals Investors and collectors worldwide have created demand for these coins. The Vienna Philharmonic bullion coins are denominated in Euros and are produced annually in the same design since their introduction.