Gold: $2378.50  Silver: $28.48  Platinum: $945.00  90% Junk $1 FV: $20.36  Gold/Silver Ratio: 83.51

Turkish State Mint

Turkish State Mint

The Turkish State Mint, known in Turkish as "Darphane," is the official institution responsible for minting coins in Turkey. Established during the Ottoman era, the mint has a long history and has been in operation for centuries.

Today, the Turkish State Mint produces both circulating coinage for everyday use in Turkey and commemorative coins for collectors. Additionally, they produce various types of medals, decorations, and badges.

The mint also plays a role in the production of gold bullion coins, notably the Republic coins or "Cumhuriyet Alt?n?" in Turkish, which are popular in Turkey both for investment and as gifts during special occasions, such as weddings.

Over the years, the designs on the coins have evolved to reflect Turkey's history, culture, and national identity. The Turkish State Mint, being the primary institution for coinage production in the country, plays an essential role in the nation's monetary system and cultural heritage.