Gold: $2321.45  Silver: $29.55  Platinum: $990.09  90% Junk $1 FV: $21.13  Gold/Silver Ratio: 78.56

PAMP Suisse

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Castel San Pietro, Ticino, Switzerland

PAMP Suisse

PAMP stands for Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux. The company was established in 1977 in Tocino, Switzerland by a group of three Swiss entrepreneurs: Herbert Lips, Elie Argyropoulos, and Jean-Pierre Roth and has a reputation for excellence in bringing gold, silver, platinum, and palladium for investors.

PAMP was initially started as a simple minting facility focused on refining gold, silver, and other precious metals. PAMP Suisse was among the first to introduce artistic designs into its bullion products. Their most iconic design, the "Lady Fortuna", became a signature product and is recognized worldwide today. Other gold bars series include the PAMP Rosa gold bars and various religious themed bars. PAMP products are popular among collectors as well because of the artistic nature of their bullion.

Over the years, PAMP expanded its operations and product range. They started refining platinum and palladium and played a significant role in popularizing these metals in the bullion market. The company is now one of the world's leading independent refiners of precious metals with product lines that include PAMP Suisse gold and silver bars and a variety of platinum, palladium and rhodium precious metals.

In addition to bullion products, PAMP Suisse also offers a range of services related to precious metals, including secure storage, trading, and even 'metal bank account' services for investors who want to buy and hold precious metals without taking physical delivery.

To counteract the growing threat of counterfeiting in the precious metals industry, PAMP introduced its Veriscan technology. Veriscan is a proprietary system that captures the microscopic topography of each gold bar, essentially giving each bar a unique "fingerprint" that can be used to verify its authenticity later. The technology allows each product to be identified by its unique surface profile and has been introduced into small gold bars to confirm their authenticity and protect them from tampering.

PAMP Suisse gold bullion bars are minted from .9999 fineness, while PAMP silver bars are produced with .999 fineness.

PAMP is accredited as 'Good Delivery' by all major precious metal exchanges globally, including the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the Swiss National Bank. They are also a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, ensuring their commitment to responsible and ethical sourcing and trading of precious metals.

In addition to bullion products, PAMP also manufactures jewelry, watch components, and other luxury products.

Gold and silver bars from MKS PAMP SA are recognized as Good Delivery by the LBMA, which is a mark of quality and assurance in the international bullion market. The brand hallmark on the bars stored in the LBMA vaults varies based on the refinery location and are described as: PAMP with company logo (the letters P, A, M, P at the ends of horizontal cylinders) with Essayeur Fondeur in rectangle with company logo underneath. QRCode next to assay mark and Carbon Trust footprint in rectangle underneath. Bars produced by MMTC-PAMP India Pvt Ltd are described as Two circular rings, one inside the other with MMTC on the inside left curve and PAMP on the right. This same mark is stamped at the other end of the bar in a rectangular with the words Melter Assayer to its right.

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