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Holy Land Mint

Holy Land Mint Logo
42 Ben Yehuda Street
Tel Aviv, Israel

Holy Land Mint

The Holy Land Mint, also known as the Israel Coins and Medals Corp. (ICMC), was established in Israel in 1958 in response to a growing interest in Israeli-themed medals and coins among collectors worldwide. It operates under the full authorization of the Israeli government to capture the spirit, milestones and share them with both a domestic and global audience.

The Holy Land Mint produces high-quality precious metal products that often feature themes significant to the history, heritage, and culture of Israel and the Jewish people for precious metals investors and collectors that are drawn to the religious, historical, or cultural significance of the designs.

The mint also produces investment-grade gold and silver bullion products, which appeal to investors as well as those interested in items with religious or historical significance.

Some of the most popular collectors coins from the Holy Land Mint include:

  • Jerusalem of Gold Bullion Coin, minted in .9999 fine which features a reverse that has an image of Jerusalem with the word "Jerusalem" inscribed in English, Hebrew, and Arabic.
  • The Dove of Peace .999 silver 1 oz coin features a Dove carrying the universal symbol of peace, an olive branch. The reverse shows the face value of the coin, 1 New Sheqel, the Israel State Emblem, "Israel" in English, Hebrew, and Arabic, the mint year, and the mint mark.
  • The Roaring Lion .999 fine silver bullion coin carries the image of the roaring lion and is considered the "new face of value" in the Holy Land Mint's bullion series.

Some of the Holy Land Mint investment-grade bullion products include both poured and minted products.

Popular Products from Holy Land Mint