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Coin Invest Trust (CIT), sometimes referred to as CIT Coin Invest AG, is a pioneering force in the world of modern numismatics, known for its unique coin designs and state-of-the-art minting techniques. Collectors and investors alike appreciate the craftsmanship and innovation that CIT brings to the table. Based in Liechtenstein, CIT has been operational since the 1970s and has gained a reputation for its innovative approach to coin design and minting techniques.

One of CIT�s hallmarks is its use of Smartminting� technology. This proprietary method allows for higher relief on coins, finer details, and generally offers enhanced features over traditional minting processes.

CIT has been responsible for some of the most unique and innovative coin designs in the numismatic world. Their products often feature unconventional shapes, intricate details, and sometimes even incorporate elements like gemstones or other materials. They also collaborate with various governments and produce coins for various countries around the world. These coins are often legal tender in the countries they represent.

Coins produced by CIT span a broad range of themes, from wildlife and history to pop culture and mythology which provides diversity and appeals to a wide range of collectors and investors. Due to their innovative approach and high-quality products, CIT has received numerous awards and recognitions in the numismatic industry.

Many of the coins produced by CIT are sought after by collectors, especially given their limited mintage and unique designs. While they are legal tender, many of these coins are purchased more for their numismatic value and artistic appeal than their face value.

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