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Amalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex (AMMC)

Amalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex (AMMC) Logo

Almalyk, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Amalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex

The Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex (AMMC), sometimes spelled as Amalyk, is a significant mining and metallurgical production complex located in Uzbekistan. It is one of the key industrial enterprises in the country, involved in the extraction and processing of non-ferrous metals.

AMMC is strategically situated near significant deposits of various minerals in Almalyk, a city in the Tashkent region of Uzbekistan near Ugam-Chatkal National Park. Over the years, there have been efforts to modernize and expand the facilities at AMMC to increase production capacity, efficiency, and environmental compliance.

Like many mining and metallurgical operations, AMMC faces environmental challenges, including managing waste and emissions. Efforts to improve environmental standards are part of the complex's ongoing development. The complex's output, particularly in copper and gold, is strategically important for Uzbekistan, contributing to the country's industrial and economic development. The metals produced by AMMC are essential not only for domestic industries in Uzbekistan but also for international markets.

Gold and silver bars from the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Complex (AMMC) are recognized as Good Delivery by the LBMA, which is a mark of quality and assurance in the international bullion market. The brand hallmark on the bars stored in the LBMA vaults is described as: Uzbekistan in Cyrillic and Roman script in circle around globe and AMMC logo with Melter Assayer in rectangle.