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Guidance Corporation Customer Reviews

For investors, customer reviews serve as another source of information when making purchasing decisions by helping to gauge whether a particular bullion dealer aligns with their needs and preferences. While highly subjective, customer reviews can be helpful in understanding how online bullion dealers handle customer service, particularly when issues arise with regard to payment, shipping or delivery.

The reviews below have been submitted to us by Guidance Corporation customers based on their individual experience and ordering with the company with the most recently shared reviews displayed first.

Guidance Corporation Customers Reviews

The reviews below have been submitted by Guidance Corporation customers.
Review Rating :
Review Date : November 17, 2023 Reviewer : Just Bub
My order came sooner than I expected. I managed to click the purchase button twice and they called to verify I wanted 2 orders. I responded that I didn't and the reimbursed my account. I was surprised a business like this would make a phone call to clarify something like that.

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Review Date : October 13, 2023 Reviewer : Whitney Wyatt
These guys are great, great prices. you can pay directly at Wells Fargo with no fees if you are a customer and the transfer is effected almost immediately. Small family owned business, and their prices are frequently the best around.

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