Gold: $1982.10  Silver: $24.10  Platinum: $982.00  90% Junk $1 FV: $17.23  Gold/Silver Ratio: 82.24

Free ShippingYes
Shipping Info$25 shipping for orders under $500
Mailing Address909 3rd Avenue #8525
New York, NY 10150
Payment MethodsCredit Cards, Check/Money Order, Wire Transfer, Paypal, Bitcoin,
GoldSilver provides bullion investors with unparalleled education and world-class gold and silver dealer services. It was founded by Mike Maloney, a renowned precious metals advisor, bestselling author, and one of the industry’s most sought-after speakers.

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Review Date : May 19, 2022 Review Rating :
And they have an "F' rating with BBB and read this from another company that reviews other companies:Based on the ratings and reviews, GoldSilver barely passes the standards. Reminder, it is very important to consider a company's ratings and reviews to measure their reputation and their services. With Cons: Only offers gold and silver products Ratings and reviews are not impressive BBB - 1 out of 5 rating Yelp - 1.5 out of 5 rating I wouldn't give them a ZERO for my absolutely horrible and long experience of pain with them!!

Review Date : May 16, 2022 Review Rating :
They are true rip-ff artists. Can't believe or understand frankly why Jeff Clark (an extremely honest, helpful person and metals expert), would ever work with them at all. This will be long to explain myself here in how upset they made me a few months ago! I FEEl they set a trap, so to speak, for people who go to their website. I was trying hard to of course better my life and bought from them, but then I noticed somethings one being as I checked they did not have a strong Trust Pilot rating and had some complaints and then when I thought more about it, I realized on their site that they did not even give a designation at all by the product, of the degree of purity of the metal. That too really bothered me. Then they give you no way to back out of the new order or to cancel. RESULT: Screwed big time! After constant emails to them and trying to get the the $134.00 charge to my credit card dropped, they would not. In fact in an email later, one of the guys there told me if they did not charge a fee for canceling an order, that they would go out of business. Could n' to believe what he said. I spent many hours going back and forth with them, with several weeks of emails and they made me so mad! I reused to pay, and they destroyed my credit rating from over 900 excellent to fair now! 650. Then Capitol One sided with them in a dispute after I spent hours over and over trying to get this fixed and Capitol One lied to me over phone saying they would send papers to reopen my dispute with gold I spent too, lots of time over the phone with Capitol One and they stressed me out and made me burning mad too, since I had been with them 2 decades or more and they had, way back, been helpful to me. I no longer do business with Capitol One for this, and I would give both of these companies a "ZERO" rating!!

Review Date : September 10, 2021 Review Rating :
bought and paid online for gold coins. The tracking confirmed payment had been received. No coins have been shipped and no response from this company. Beware they do not care and scam you out of your money promising to deliver...and don't