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GoldClub Direct Customer Reviews

For investors, customer reviews serve as another source of information when making purchasing decisions by helping to gauge whether a particular bullion dealer aligns with their needs and preferences. While highly subjective, customer reviews can be helpful in understanding how online bullion dealers handle customer service, particularly when issues arise with regard to payment, shipping or delivery.

The reviews below have been submitted to us by GoldClub Direct customers based on their individual experience and ordering with the company with the most recently shared reviews displayed first.

GoldClub Direct Customers Reviews

The reviews below have been submitted by GoldClub Direct customers.
Review Rating :
Review Date : November 4, 2023 Reviewer : Armand
I was lured by the competitive pricing of gold eagles at GoldClub Direct. My order shipped quick and arrived quick. It's a relief that the quality and prices align. Mostly the same selection as other dealers.

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Review Date : October 2, 2023 Reviewer : Jerry
Found excellent prices on philharmonic gold coins at GoldClub Direct, which definitely softened the blow of the delayed shipping. The coins were worth the wait.

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Review Date : September 2, 2023 Reviewer : Janelle Kline
Ive been buying gold and silver for many years have found this company to be the most trustworthy loyal company on the market right now very competitive and prices. These are the go to guy’s highly recommend.

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Review Date : August 8, 2023 Reviewer : Sean
Was recommended to check this site out by a friend who is a "Gold Bug". I was a bit apprehensive at first because he was saying things that seemed too good to be true. After poking around for a few minutes, i realized he was right. This is the fairest pricing for precious metals i have come across, EVER! And for a nice BONUS: the website is extremely easy to use, and i dont have to deal with any sleazy broker. This checks all the boxes for me.

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Review Date : August 4, 2023 Reviewer : Herman Figueroa
Great website layout! It was easy to navigate and execute my order! Thank you GCD!! -HF

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Review Date : August 4, 2023 Reviewer : Matthew M
Over the years i have dealt with many websites providing precious metal purchasing. Goldclub Direct was by far the easiest to use. They website is very user friendly and not confusing like lot of places. The selection of coins they provide is truly impressive from regular American Eagles to specialty coins like the Silver Darth Vader. I highly recommend them for all of your precious metal purchases.

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Review Date : August 4, 2023 Reviewer : Carla Kline
Earlier this month I saw Gold Club had some incredible prices on 10oz silver bars. I love stacking bars when I can, so gave them a try. Free shipping and it arrived discretely and quickly! Just completed my second order with them for some Silver Eagles. Great prices and legit delivery. Great work!

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