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Elemetal Privateer Collection

The Elemetal Privateer Series

The Elemetal Privateer Series, also referred to as Pirate Rounds, are silver bullion rounds minted as Ultra High Relief collectable rounds. Each privateer silver round in the series features stunning designs that...

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Quick Facts About Elemetal Privateer Collection

Privateer Silver Pirate Rounds Mintages

Mintages for each round in the series have been limited making Privateer Silver Rounds highly sought after by collectors. They are very collectable by both investors and pirate enthusiasts alike. Each silver bullion round features a high-relief and weighs 2 troy ounces, making it double the weight of traditional silver bullion rounds.

Premiums on the earlier rounds in the series have continued to climb as availability has become more scarce due to low mintages.

Round Round Name Mintage
P1 The original Privateer silver round, The Storm 70,344 rounds minted
P2 The Siren 61,640 rounds minted
P3 The Captain 66,839 rounds minted
P4 The Kraken ??,??? rounds minted
P5 The Plank ??,??? rounds minted
P6 The White Whale ??,??? rounds minted
P7 Davy Jones Locker ??,??? rounds minted