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50 Gram Gold Bars

50 gram gold bars are minted from .9999 fine gold and are available in both minted and poured variations for personal preference.

Learn More About 50 Gram Gold Bars

a 50 gram bar is equivalent to 1.6075 troy ounces of gold. The size and weight of a 50 gram gold bar make it a convenient form for trade and storage. It is small enough to be easily stored and transported but also large enough to represent a significant investment value.

Holding gold can diversify an investment portfolio during times of high inflation and economic uncertainty. A 50 gram gold bar is substantial enough to contribute significantly to this strategy while remaining highly liquid and easy to sell with minimal price discounts.

Industry standard 50 gold bars are refined to purity level of .9999 fineness, which is pure 24 karat gold. The shape, style of minting or pouring, artwork and assay markings vary across manufacturers.

50 gram Gold Bar Prices

The prices of 50 gram gold bars are influenced by the spot gold price, which trades on global markets six days per week. Buying gram weighted gold bars over time allows for a gradual increase in gold holdings.

While the market price of gold is reaching all-time highs, dealer premiums for 50 gram gold bars remain relatively stable as bars of this size allow for bulk discounts

Newly minted gold bars will come with an assay card that provides the purity, weight and other pertinent details. With most gold bars arriving sealed inside a tamper-proof plastic sleeve that is designed to protect both the bar and the assay card that is contained inside.

Assay cards will contain the detailed information about the provenance of each 50 gram gold bar and will include the name and/or signature of the assayer responsible for the gold analysis. The cards also include a unique serial number that matches the number that is engraved or etched onto the bar. helps to find the lowest dealer premiums for 50 gram gold bars when you are ready to buy.