Gold: $2321.45  Silver: $29.55  Platinum: $990.09  90% Junk $1 FV: $21.13  Gold/Silver Ratio: 78.56

Somalia Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

The Somalian Elephant series of coins has become known for its impressive elephant designs. The Somalia elephant series is one of the most recognizable bullion coin series in the world. It boasts a high level of purity being made of .9999 fine silver.

The Somalia Elephant coin series have been produced since 1999. Each year the series features a new, unique and beautiful design. The coins are in high demand amongst collectors and investors.

The elephant coin designs show the large animals in their natural habitats. The coins are available in 9999 fine silver in sizes including 1 troy ounce and 1 kilo.

The Somalian Elephant Coins are also minted in gold.

Assorted Precious Metals from Somalia

Somalia Silver

Somalia Gold