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Germany Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

Germany has centuries of history in the minting of gold and silver coins and bullion products. Private mints, such as Geiger Edelmetalle and Heraeus are two of the world's leading precious metals companies headquartered in Germany.

Historic German Gold coins are popular among collectors and investors worldwide. German Gold Marks became the standard German currency in the 1870's. German 20 Mark Gold Coins, each containing .2304 troy ounce of gold were minted at the Bavarian State Mint, the Karlsruhe Mint, the Dresden/Muldenhütten Mint and other national mints.

Common gold coins, such as the 10 Gold Marks and 20 Gold Marks were in heavy circulation during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These coins are in high demand by investors today for their gold bullion content.

Geiger Edelmetalle, a private precious metals company, is a leading global producer of high quality precious metals that are in demand. The Geiger Silver Bars, well known for their embedded security features to prevent counterfeiting, are sought after by investors, often carrying a higher premium than those produced by other private mints.

Assorted Precious Metals from Germany

Germany Silver

Germany Gold

Product Dealer Cheapest Price
100 Gram Geiger Square Gold Bar BGASC $7933.59
1 gram Gold Bar - Geiger Edelmetalle (Original Square Series) Money Metals Exchange $109.32
20 gram Geiger Edelmetalle Gold Bar APMEX $1593.56
10 gram Geiger Edelmetalle Gold Bar APMEX $813.28