Gold: $2357.41  Silver: $30.6  Platinum: $982.04  90% Junk $1 FV: $21.88  Gold/Silver Ratio: 77.04

Niue Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

Niue is a small island nation in the South Pacific Ocean. Niue mints coins under the New Zealand dollar denomination primarily for collectors.

Silver Niue coins have been struck by the New Zealand Mint since 2008. While the coins are sold primarily to collectors and investors, they are all are Niue legal tender.

Niue has become well known in world's collectible coin market. They have released 99.9% pure silver coins with officially licensed designs that feature everything from the classic Star Wars characters to Disney favorites like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Cinderella.

Assorted Precious Metals from Niue

Niue Silver

Niue Gold