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Pelican V300 Vault Large

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Pelican V300 Vault Large

The Pelican V300 is a model of hard case produced by Pelican Products, Inc., which is a renowned manufacturer known for its high-performance protective cases. These cases are widely used to protect and transport precious metals, numismatic coins and other high value items.

Features of the Pelican V300

The V300 is built to be extremely durable and rugged. While not specifically designed for precious metals, these casesĀ are frequently used by investors looking for an easily portable solution for protecting precious metals during transportation.

Pelican cases are designed to withstand harsh conditions and feature an O-ring seal. This makes it ideal for keeping humidity and dust to a minimum.

The case is constructed from strong materials that can handle significant impact without breaking or deforming and includes reinforced padlock protectors to provide an extra level of security against theft or unauthorized access.

Inside, the V300 often includes customizable foam inserts that can be tailored to fit the specific items being stored. This foam not only keeps items securely in place but also provides additional shock absorption.

Despite its robust construction, the V300 is designed for easy transport, with an integrated handle that makes it manageable to carry.

Pelican V300 Vault Large Specifications

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