Gold: $1806.21  Silver: $24.50  Platinum: $1055.17  90% Junk $1 FV: $17.52  Gold/Silver Ratio: 73.72

Bargain Bin Silver

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Bargain Bin Silver Melt Value

The Bargain Bin Silver round contains 1 troy ounces of silver bullion. The melt value of one Bargain Bin Silver round is $24.50 based on the current silver spot price.

Prices Last Updated: Oct 25, 2021 05:15 am

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Product Description

Money Metals Exchange Random mixed bargain bin silver bullion. Can be a mix of secondary market silver rounds or silver bars. Sizes, shapes and weights vary depending on availability. Minimum order size is 5 troy oz. Price shown is per 1 troy oz.

Bargain Bin Silver Specifications

Weight 1 troy ounces
Country United States
Type Silver Rounds
Mint Various
Year Minted Various searches over 30 national, reputable and trusted bullion dealers to find the lowest prices on Bargain Bin Silver and other 1 oz Silver Bars products. The prices on our site for silver bullion and rounds are updated hourly and adjusted for silver spot price. We give you the tools to compare silver prices from reputable and trusted bullion dealers. Compare Bargain Bin Silver prices across bullion dealers to pay the lowest price.

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