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10 oz IGR Poured Silver Bar Loaf Style

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$248.50 $55.20
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10 oz IGR Poured Silver Bar Loaf Style Melt Value

The 10 oz IGR Poured Silver Bar Loaf Style bar contains 10 troy ounces of silver bullion. The melt value of one 10 oz IGR Poured Silver Bar Loaf Style bar is $193.30 based on the current silver spot price.

Prices Last Updated: Sep 30, 2022 02:37 pm

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Product Description

10 oz Silver Bar - Instanbul Gold Refinery (IGR)

Poured 10 oz Silver Bars are popular because each has its own unique characteristics. 

Silversmiths at the Instanbul Gold Refinery use an older method that involves the pouring of molten silver into molds to craft these unique loaf-style bars.

The Istanbul Gold Refinery, also known as IGR, has a long history of producing the highest quality precious metals that are exported from Turkey. 

10 oz Hand-Poured Silver Bar Design

Each poured silver bar has a unique surface texture that can only be found with individually crafted bars. Various unique striations and lines 

The obverse of each of these silver ingots is stamped with the IGR oval logo, the weight, "10 troy ounces" and the purity, "999 fine silver".  

A unique serial number is also engraved into the front of each silver bar. The serial number on this bar comes with an assay certificate that provides authenticity.

IGR Poured 10 oz Silver Bar Highlights:

  • Minted from 10 troy ounces of .999 fine silver.
  • Manufactured by Instanbull Gold Refinery, an LBMA certified good delivery refiner.
  • Obverse: Stamped with the IGR oval logo, the weight, purity and unique serial number
  • Reverse: Intentionally left blank to show the unique surface texture that is distinct with poured loaf style silver bars.

The Istanbul Gold Refinery is considered one of the leading precious metals companies in Turkey.

Turkey is renowned as the country where the world’s first gold coins were minted to a standard size and weight using an alloy of gold and silver called electrum. The first gold coins were minted during the rule of King Croesus who rules from 561-546 BC.

10 oz IGR Poured Silver Bar Loaf Style Specifications

Weight 10 oz
Country Turkey
Type Silver Bars
Mint Various
Year Various
Classification Modern
Purity .999 fineness
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